You do not have the minimum cores available to create the Cluster. Please select a different location or subscription.

Yesterday, a developer reached out to me with an issue which he was facing when he was trying to provision HDInsight Cluster in Azure.

Cores Issue

After some research found out that, there are quota limits set up by Microsoft not only Per Subscription but also for Region as well as for Resource Groups, Latest Resource quota limits are available here:

There are some soft limits and Hard Limits set up for different resources to avoid overspending by customers and to establish better governance around the same, it also helps Microsoft to manage their data centers better by maintaining a balance of resources being provisioned across regions.

In order to get around soft limits Microsoft support can be contacted and to get around hard limits, multiple subscriptions can be used to provision more resources.

In my case mentioned earlier,  I was able to create the Azure HDInsight Cluster being a Subscription Admin, Though not a recommended resolution, as a quick work around I had added the developer as a Subscription Contributor, after which he was able to provision HDInsight Cluster in the resource group.




He was already a contributor for the Resource Group.

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