Azure data Platform Updates – April 2019

Time to Read : 10 Minutes

In April, there have been significant updates for following Data platform components:


  • There have been some changes to support more fine-grained, role-based access to sensitive configuration information from HDInsight clusters, such as gateway HTTP credentials and storage account keys.  Refer this link for more
  • HDInsight 4.0 takes advantage of Apache Hadoop 3.0, new features in Hadoop 3 provide significant improvements to performance, stability, and availability, helping reduce total cost of ownership and accelerating time-to-value. Learn more here.

Azure SQL Server Data warehouse:

You can now use the Azure SQL Data Warehouse Reserved Capacity pricing to reserve compute power for existing and future clusters. This option provides you savings up to 65% cDWU capacity. Refer pricing page for more

Azure Database

  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL Read Replica is now generally available. Azure Database for PostgreSQL now supports asynchronous replication of data from one Azure Database for PostgreSQL server (the ‘master’) to up to five Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers (the ‘replicas’) in the same region.
  • Azure Database for MariaDB now supports even larger workloads and helps you to accommodate future growth.

Power BI Embeddedd

  • Power BI Embedded Multi Geo is now generally available. customers can now deploy data in multiple geographic regions.R
  • Using the ‘Refresh now’ API, the limitation on the number of refreshes you can schedule per day is removed and instead an unlimited number of refreshes can be triggered for each dataset.
  • Take action from ‘Button clicked’ in Power BI Embedded. Add custom buttons to Power BI Embedded reports so users can take immediate actions.
  • New code samples are now available for Power BI Embedded

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance:

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance now brings even more compatibility by offering a choice of time zone to eliminate need for any changes in the existing applications when migrating to cloud.

AzCopy Preview now supports Amazon Web Services S3 as a data source

AzCopy Preview (v10) now supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 as a data source and can copy an entire AWS S3 bucket (or even multiple buckets) to Azure Blob storage.

Azure Stream Analytics

  • Stream Analytics tools for Visual Studio is now available. The update includes enhancement for local testing and enables several new features:
  • Set custom metadata properties for Stream Analytics output. Stream Analytics now allows users to attach query columns as user properties to outgoing messages to helps better facilitate downstream processing and reporting etc.
  • Azure Stream Analytics now offers full support for WKT geospatial format.
  • If you use Azure Stream Analytics, you’ll now be able to run your real-time pipelines with MSI based authentication while writing to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 1.

Azure Security Center for IOT in Public Preview

Azure is now the first major public cloud with end-to-end security for IoT for your devices, hubs and cloud resources. We are adding advanced threat protection for IoT to three key services: Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel and Azure IoT Hub

Event-driven Java with Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Azure Event Hubs is now available

It’s simple to build highly scalable, event-driven Java apps using Spring Cloud Stream with Event Hubs, a fully managed, real-time data ingestion service now available on Azure that’s a resilient and reliable service for any situation.

Premium Tier for Azure Blob Storage

Premium Blob storage is a new tier of Azure Blob storage that’s ideal for demanding workloads requiring high transaction rates, or faster and more consistent response times like IOT and telemetry.

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