Fix for Login Failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\Anonymous Logon’ (Microsoft SQL Server,Error:18456).

Received the following error message when trying to login from SSMA to Azure SQL DB “Login failed for user ‘'”

Followed the steps mentioned here to add Azure Active Directory user as an SQL User in a Contained Database user using the following command:


After some research on the error, ended up at this article on SSMA with AAD MFA, However since the SSMA version I was using was V18.3.1, I did not have to mentioned Azure AD tenant ID in Options – > Connection Properties. But since I added the user to one of my data bases and not to the master database. I had to change the default data base in options – > Connection Properties and was able to login successfully.

Please do let me know for any other questions while adding Azure Active Directory users to Azure SQL DB/DW.

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